At 20, he starred in the “Inhabited Island” by Fedor Bondarchuk, our first cosmoblockbaster and the second-after “Kin-dza-dza!” – a model of social fiction in domestic cinema.

He is now 22 years old, and he is a student of the Schukin school. And at 20, he starred in the “Inhabited Island” by Fedor Bondarchuk, our first cosmoblockbaster and the second-after Kin-dza-dza!” – a model of social fiction in domestic cinema. Who knows, what if his character will become the hero who is so waiting for

our non -gorgeous time?

Psychologies: You yourself have heroes?

Vasily Stepanov: Bruce Willis, because he is a very masculine and courageous hero – to protect everyone, to help everyone. And this is his spirituality, not just “muscles”. And also a little Prince Saint-Exupery. A tiny person with a solid life position. My heroes are people with a firm position.

You are on the verge of serious life changes. Perhaps you will become a star. Not scary?

One role-and already a star-to hope for this on my part would be impudent … Besides, if someone likes my character, this will not be my merit in the first place. After all, I was only 20 and everyone who created the film worked on my hero. First of all, Fedor Sergeevich (Bondarchuk). And it was scary at the beginning of the filming. I thought there should be more in this process … romanticism. But it turned out – work, like everyone else. But in such a large -scale project there is an amazing sense of unity – after all, you work among people united by a common goal! It somewhat anesthetized panic, fear of responsibility: the budget of the film is huge, and you are its center ..

The new environment has changed you?

I used to be very open, but now I realized: it is not always appropriate. I am used to the fact that in trusting communication, a person can easily say about his shortcomings. But it turned out, sometimes it is better to keep silent. And then, I did not understand how individual each of us is. And now I know: you need to accept a person as he is.

How your family reacted to the fact that you are filming?

Mom was very happy and supported me! She once dreamed of becoming an artist herself. I sang perfectly, played on the accordion. She comes from a small village and could not go to go to theater. Yes, and the courage, probably, was not enough – she is a very modest person, her grandmother raised her like that. And dad applies to all this more skeptical ..

Whether you took a meaningful step, deciding to become an actor? After all, this profession requires the implementation of other people’s instructions and pronouncing exclusively other people’s words ..

“Inhabited island” Why, we all depend – on those we love, from our colleagues. And this is a good dependence, this is independence from loneliness. I don’t even know if the dependence is. I would say: responsibility.