All returns details was basically taken from brand new questionnaire study

For the non-heterosexuals, how many sexual partners of your prominent sex are indicated due to the fact large code from two variables assessing what number of men and women sexual couples in past times year (on the same measure because the above)

Throughout the endeavor, redheadedness was computed using numerous methods: participants’ worry about-statement in the questionnaire, experimenters’ observer statement from inside the lab study, and two types of computing hair pigmentation with a beneficial spectrophotometer. A formerly wrote study on the results from redheadedness to the vitamin D concentration, which was did on the same investigation, indicated that most of the significantly more than-mentioned indications out-of redheadedness correlated extremely strongly together and you can considering almost identical show (Flegr et al., 2020b). In today’s investigation, i’ve hence decided to employ merely worry about-reported redheadedness as this will offer most useful comparability with assorted earlier (Frost et al., 2017; Flegr and Sykorova, 2019) and you may coming degree concerning effects of redheadedness. Self-said redheadedness is counted once the a response to determining current sheer redheadedness towards the a half a dozen-section scale secured having “seriously non-red” (password step one) and you can “vivid red” (code 6). Correlations between most other evidence out of redheadedness and you can sexual behavior is displayed inside Secondary Desk S1, and you can once more show that most of the methods of deciding redheadedness provide very comparable performance. (เพิ่มเติม…)